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Gitterman Asset Management offers ESG and climate focused investment strategies to financial professionals via our SMART (Sustainability Metrics Applied to Risk Tolerance)® Investing Solutions. Our strategies incorporate physical climate risk and adaptation alongside more traditional ESG integration strategies, as well as market leading tax overlay capabilities, including customized transition management. We favor intentional managers, along with boutique and emerging managers, giving clients access to climate focused asset strategies that are usually not accessible to retail investors.

2050 Advisors is a global consultancy consisting of a powerful network of investment & finance professionals within the impact investing + carbon credit/carbon offset space.


With dozens of years' experience (and hundreds of successful transactions performed), 2050 Advisors can lead or assist with projects that require the utmost acumen & integrity.

World Tree is focused on nature-based solutions to some of our biggest global challenges. We develop carbon forestry projects for the purpose of native forest protection, renewable timber production and carbon sequestration.

World Tree funnels private capital into the regeneration of undervalued farmland through Empress-based forestry.

World Tree employs regenerative farming practices that restore ecosystem function, soils, and biodiversity. These practices serve as the foundation for our ultimate goal to restore and reforest millions of acres of land into productive agroforestry landscapes.

Businesses operate in a constantly changing ecosystem that features fewer resources, a warmer climate, increased social inequity, as well as more engaged stakeholders and increased transparency. Business leaders must understand how these shifts impact their business and find innovative solutions to societal challenges while maintaining financial performance.

The NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business (CSB) was founded on the principle that sustainable business is good business, and is proving the value of sustainability for business management and performance at a time when people and the planet need it most. At CSB, we aim to help future and current business leaders embrace proactive and innovative mainstreaming of sustainability, resulting in competitive advantage and resiliency for their companies as well as a positive impact for society.

By questioning assumptions about how money works and collaborating with our partners and clients, we’re creating new models of working together, new products, and fresh ways of engaging with finance.

We believe that inquiry and dialogue are essential to transforming people’s relationship with money and moving the economy toward greater equity. We enable the investors, donors and entrepreneurs in our community to explore the role of money in their lives and engage with it in more meaningful ways.

Our deeply entrepreneurial culture and unique approach to our work enable us to generate breakthrough ideas at the intersection of social change and finance. Since 1984, we have focused on developing innovative social finance tools that serve the unmet needs of our clients and partners.

We were founded by an all-star team to unlock the nearly 90 billion square feet of C&I rooftops in the U.S. we see as idle real estate assets. With our capital, current development capital facility, and the newly passed Inflation Reduction Act and the tax credits it increases and extends, we are well-positioned to capitalize on this massive moment in history to the benefit of everyone we work with and serve.

GridMarket is an energy project optimization platform and global marketplace leveraging big data and artificial intelligence to accelerate the global energy transition. Working with F500 and F1000 property portfolios, individual energy consumers, governments, and utilities around the world, GridMarket identifies and tailors best-fit energy projects, engages top-tier global solution providers, and mobilizes financial markets to help partners meet energy and net-zero carbon targets. GridMarket has a substantial global pipeline and portfolio of successful projects, spanning diverse customer types and geographic regions. GridMarket uses its platform and extensive clean energy expertise to open up new markets and facilitate distributed energy deployment through automation, predictive analytics, remote digital capabilities, and dynamic stakeholder engagement tools.

Global Water First provides and installs a fully functioning wholesale water purification and bottling systems to villages and townships in developing countries. We partner with local municipalities and other local groups who, under our guidance and supervision, will operate the bottling and distribution center to provide clean drinking water to the people in the region at below market prices. Often, we find villages that are water-stressed are also without reliable electrical power. Our water and power hubs provide for true empowerment.

ERI is the largest fully integrated IT and electronics asset disposition provider and cybersecurity-focused hardware destruction company in the United States. ERI holds the highest level of certifications available for both data destruction and responsible recycling, being the only provider to have all 8 US facilities certified by NAID, e-Stewards, and R2.

Terra Alpha Investments is a public equity manager founded in 2014 by highly experienced investors who share the conviction that our rapidly evolving world requires a change in investing thinking. Our rigorous and proprietary Environmental Productivity (EP) analysis values our planet’s natural resources and sits at the center of our investment process. Our unique combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis helps us identify companies with the optimal combination of enduring business models and superior EP; which we believe is the primary driver as we seek to deliver superior long-term investment returns for our investors.

Raiven Capital is a global venture fund,investing in founders using operational Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things technologies to build highly scalable digital platforms that create massive value chain efficiencies in several sectors. Our founders are leading the 5th Industrial Revolution, building the future of finance, and/or meeting theextraordinary challenges of the sustainability of our planet.


Our financial planning process is distinguished by our focus on ESG-only investments. As an advisory firm that offers ESG-only investments, we believe we bring you a meaningful difference. We put our hearts into helping clients who are concerned with their legacy, our planet, and generations to come.

The NYC Fair Trade Coalition is a grassroots organization that promotes fair trade businesses and retailers in New York City and educates consumers on the importance of fair trade. It partners with ethically-aligned businesses, retailers, NGOs, and citizens in New York City to host events and engage the public in dialogue. It offers its members advertising support through its social media channels, coordinates sales events, and fosters networking among ethical and fair trade businesses.

Allison is a global integrated marketing and communications consultancy dedicated to driving growth, innovation, and positive change for clients, colleagues, and communities. With a diverse range of expertise and a forward-looking mindset, Allison delivers game-changing results that make a lasting impact. Allison is owned by Stagwell (NASDAQ: STGW), one of the fastest growing and most influential marketing and communications networks in the world. Agency partners leverage Stagwell’s technology, data analytics, insights and strategic consulting solutions to drive measurable results and optimize return on marketing investment for more than 1,700 clients worldwide.

In 1976, Luke Lukoskie embarked on a mission to revolutionize the culinary landscape when he discovered the transformative potential of tofu, so Island Spring Organics was born. It has evolved into a leader in the plant protein revolution and is challenging the perception of tofu as bland and short-lived. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our products. Through our groundbreaking biodigester, we've found a way to transform byproducts into Organic Renewable Natural Gas, powering our operations and minimizing environmental impact. Island Spring Organics is now poised for expansion, driven by Luke's vision and the unwavering dedication of our team.

Equities News is a financial media company focused on impact investing. We distribute news and information about companies offering products/services intended to provide positive advancements for the environment and society. Our goal is to empower individuals and the investment community (financial advisors, VCs, etc.) that serve them with knowledge and confidence to make investment decisions regarding companies they believe in. We offer public and private companies a channel to distribute news developments and stories to investors.

The 2025 Wall Street Green Summit is our 24th annual event and one of the longest running and most comprehensive sustainable finance events in the world and will be held in New York City at the Cornell Club of NYC in midtown Manhattan on March 18th and March 19th 2025.  Come to New York City and be a part of a Climate Finance and Technology center of excellence.  

The Summit, WSGS, is proud to introduce a robust virtual capital introduction portal to compliment your live event experience. Hedge Connection, a WSGS partner, has built a private technology platform for the WSGS that offers a means for companies and managers to connect with capital providers.

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